Strategic Business Development

Setting the stage for long-term success

As a business owner, you know there’s nothing more important than preparing your business for success. That means a strong business plan, mapping a solid financial path and renewing your approach to strong leadership. Good news: You don’t have it do it alone. With Your Extended Success, you have immediate access to expertise in these areas and more.

Business Planning

Team up with our experts to develop your formal business plan. Outline objectives, your tactical approach for success, and what sets you apart in your field of expertise to garner sales and financing.

Executive Coaching

Think of Your Extended Success as your own confidential advisory team. Our group has years of experience leading successful organizations, and we look forward to serving as your thought partners and peer group to enhance decision-making and professional development, to drive profitable growth.

Access to Capital

Help your business grow and thrive with a tailored approach to funding opportunities that are right for you.

Board Development

Looking to further your organization’s mission and enhance good governance by creating a Board of Directors? We work with you on all aspects of board development, from establishing roles and responsibilities through attracting and recruiting board members to serve your organization’s best interests.

Exit Strategy

What’s the long-term plan for your business? What are your triggers for acting on an exit strategy? It’s never too early to consider these and similar questions. We help business owners eliminate the guesswork and plan in advance for their organization’s ideal future state.